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The Mental Fitness Challenge Movement – Become A Part of History!

Mental Fitness Challenge Going Viral!

Americans are obsessed with bingeing weight loss programs.  An article in 2009 from CBS News Health Watch states, “About 45 million Americans diet each year. People in this country spend $1 billion to 2 billion per year on weight-loss programs….except for Weight Watchers, none of them offer proof that they actually work at helping people shed pounds and keep them off.”

I believe we are all aware of the health and fitness epidemic going on in our country, but how many North Americans have ever thought about their Mental Fitness?  If they have, have they ever had a way to measure their progress?  What if 45 million Americans spent as much time and money on their people and leadership skills as they do on their dieting?  Imagine a country where the family unit becomes the focal point again and not the individual.  Public virtue becomes a cornerstone of our communities and a whole new generation of men and women, with a foundation of morales, integrity and character, enter into public service. Look no further!

LIFE’s Mental Fitness Challenge!

What is the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC)? A holistic approach of life-changing information that is divided into 3 general areas for growth: private (personal) achievements, public achievements, and leadership (professional) achievements.  The MFC includes three best-selling books, a bunch of CDs, an online environment for tracking progress, a video library which accumulates for future viewing as videos stream in through email on a regular basis, a self assessment test, unlimited 360 feedback, accountability partners, goal and tracking sheets, and more! This product encompasses years and years of learning how people change and maximize in their lives in all the 13 areas of resolutions from Orrin Woodward‘s best seller, RESOLVED.

The Founders of LIFE have spent a combined 100+ years of research, sweat, and practical experience identifying the challenges we all face in today’s world.  The MFC is the launch pad to help give us the tools to start on a journey of growth and progress toward living the life we’ve always wanted.

Get information today to find out how you can participate in the MFC movement and how this can improve not only our personal lives, but our country too. Godspeed


Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady continue to climb Top 30 Leadership List

Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady continue to climb Top 30 Leadership List.  Somedays I pinch myself on how Michelle and I have embarked on a journey that will go down in history.  I can imagine what the history books will say (that’s if history will be allowed to be recorded and taught with the full truth)…. A small band of Rascals locked arms in a time when the greatest free civilization was in decline.  It was the first and only time the decline of such a free society was stopped, and restoration of a lost ideal was restored.

I’ve learned to follow people of integrity and character and I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of of the journey with Dan Hawkins, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward.

Enjoy the above article from Dan Hawkins.  Godspeed


Mental Fitness to Personal Fitness Challenges Addressed in the LIFE Business

I want to share some personal stories from some friends in our LIFE business that we feel will provide inspiration and motivation for us all.  Nate Kuhl and Penny Tahtinen are two of many examples of individuals that have started a new life journey through self-directed learning and plugged into a great association of people who have decided to get control of their lives through the LIFE business.

Penny Tahtinen – Personal Fitness and Mental Fitness Challenges through Finances and Faith

Penny and her husband Michael have four children and plugged into the LIFE training materials and the TEAM system for building compensated communities back in the fall of 2011.  Within a relatively short period of time, Penny has achieved some phenomenal results in several of the 8F’s, a few of which I want to share with you in Penny’s words:

As of this morning I lost 33lbs and counting down.  Since August Michael and I have paid off $12724.48 in medical and credit card debt and counting down to the day of being debt free.

Thanks for the encouragement along the way!  If it wasn’t for the both of you I would still have my door closed to the world.  I feel alive again!  With Christ centered in my life and working daily at becoming a better wife and mother, I now have the strength and courage to be the example for my family.

 “This is the last thing I’m going to do, I’m going to make it! All because someone believed in me.”  -Bill Lewis

 Thank You!  Penny

 Nate Kuhl – Fitness, Faith and Friends

Nate Kuhl is an incredible example of a young man on a life mission.  I met him through his fiancé, Ashley, while building compensated communities in TEAM and LIFE.  Nate, like Penny, has achieved very significant results in the 8F’s which are nothing less than inspiring.  Please read from Nate’s own words:

I have never been a very physically fit person. Fitness is not an important choice for many people in my family and that thought process passed to me as well. I found myself a magnet for ridicule and names growing up but learned to cope with humor and casual association, often preferring a loner lifestyle of entertainment and video games. But I was never really happy with myself or my Fitness situation. I had worked hard one spring in high school and achieved some weight loss results but they did not last and I knew I had failed again. I decided again last January that I would lose weight and try to get healthy. Fortunately in March last year my life changed. I attended a [TEAM] seminar with my then girlfriend, now fiance, and my life hit a turning point. It was through the Team that I learned people of character say things, commit, and accomplish their stated goals. With commitment, discipline, much encouragement, MonaVie, and hard work, I took my efforts to a whole new level. I ran two to three miles four or five days a week. I cracked down hard on what I would eat. By changing my thinking from pain or anguish to vision and excitement, I persevered. Over 9 months I lost 65 pounds and a lot of money on new clothes. =)   Now, through continued discipline and commitment, I continue to stay in shape and get great nutrition from MonaVie’s world-class products. But the biggest lesson I learned was that confidence and courage do not come from change, physical looks, or good health; it comes from within. That meant God had already put the potential inside of me and it is up to me to draw on it and bring it out. The hardest part of this was to decide and commit. That takes courage.The rest is just a direct result of positive efforts applied over time – the slight edge. I encourage all of you to take that step in whatever direction you have been hesitant to go. Whatever LIFE category it falls under, you can do it too. God bless.

Wow!  Not much more I need to add to those testimonies.  The LIFE opportunity is a multifaceted approach, helping people discover answers and applying real-life solutions to some of our most vexing problems of this day.  Mental and Physical Fitness, Personal Finances, Friends and Faith are just some of what LIFE offers.  Come and learn what awaits you on your journey in LIFE.  Godspeed