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LIFE Business Incentive Trips

Where are you going?

This is totally awesome!!  Orrin Woodward and the founders of the LIFE Business have done it again.  Incentive trips of a lifetime to reward individuals and couples for going out and serving people by providing life-changing information.  Below I have inserted a post from the blog of best-selling author, 2011 IAB top Leadership award winner, Orrin Woodward.  Watch the video and then read how this has blessed our good friends Mike and Robin Schilling!


The first round of qualifiers for free trips are selecting their destinations. I am so excited about this program. The first level to qualify for a trip is just 6,000 points! With $1,800,000 paid out in one-time bonuses and incentive trips, this is one of the best programs for growth that the LIFE Business launched last year. Plus, you get to choose your destination. No herding everyone to one location. Instead, you select the vacation that fits your families needs and wants. Here is video footage from the major weekend with some of the qualifiers and the qualification criteria for both trips is below the video.


Orrin Woodward

LIFE Business Incentive Trips


“We finally get to take a honeymoon!”  Robin Schilling

A little while ago I posted an article about Mike and Robin Schilling and how we have been celebrating their accomplishments in the LIFE business.  Mike and Robin, and their family , have been some of the hardest working people I know.  They run a family farm, Mike works as a pharmacist and Robin home-schooled their 5 children up to high school age.  Needless to say, they were busy and have never been able to take a trip outside of the state, not even a honeymoon, and they’ve been married for 25+ years!

Well, all that is changing now as they have earned an all-expense-paid trip to Arenal, Costa Rica, at the base of an active volcano, through the LIFE business!  Michelle and I have had the privilege to have a front row seat in watching this incredible couple define their dreams in life and pursue them with passion.  We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments so far, and they are just getting started.   They are already planning their next LIFE incentive trip and dream of taking Robin’s father on a 10-day Alaskan cruise.

Thank you LIFE business!  Thank you Orrin Woodward and the founders of LIFE for giving us this vehicle to give back to others.  You have paved the path for the common man and woman to achieve success in what matters in life and the beauty to determine what that success looks like.  Godspeed to 1 million people!

Matt Mielke

Making Waves Through Adolescence

This last Sunday I heard an interesting metaphor regarding how parents are raising their children through the turbulent adolescent waters of life.

Draw a simple mind picture with two islands and a huge body of water separating them.  The islands are known as Kid Island and Adult Island.  The body of water represents the season of life known as “adolescence”.

The vehicle parents use to help kids get from Kid Island to Adult Island differs.  There are 3 primary vehicles for transportation: the Hover Craft, the Submarine, and the Battleship.

1) The Hovercraft: A vehicle or craft that travels over land or water on a cushion of air provided by a downward blast.

How many of you know someone who was raised in a family where the parents did everything they could to protect the kids and isolate them from the potential dangers of life?  Kids raised in an over-protective bubble.  In an attempt to shield their children, these parents don’t teach discernment but instead just say no to every teachable moment…their kids aren’t allowed to watch TV, listen to music, play with older friends, surf the internet, have a sleepover or, in general, do anything ever for fear of the wrong influence.

I believe there is a certain amount of discernment needed in what we expose our children.  The isolation mode has its dangers – namely rebellion and fear in the children.

2) The Submarine: A submersible vessel that operates under the water.

On the other side of the equation are the kids that operate totally submerged in the culture.  They are steeped in the popular lifestyles of the day, going with the flow of the current.  These children grow up lacking discernment and principle-based living.  If everyone is doing it, so am I.

3) The Battleship:  any of a class of warships that are the most heavily armored and are equipped with the most powerful armament.

I believe we should raise our children to operate in the adolescent water like a battleship.  Armed with the truth, understanding the principles of right living, and making waves.  If a threat arises, they can withstand an attack and fight back.

MTV is one of the most powerful influencers of our youth ages 25 and under.  In January 2010, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported that kids ages 8-18 years old were absorbing an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes a day of “entertainment media” (not including cell phone talking and texting which adds an additional 1 hour and 35 minutes a day).  WOW!  We haven’t watched cable TV in our home for years, not because we are a hover craft family, but because we are building battleships! We are teaching our kids to make waves with the truth!

How were you raised? How are you raising your kids?  What are you doing to build a battleship in you and your children?  I encourage you to leave a comment and maybe some great discussion will follow.  Godspeed to the life you have always wanted!


Brand New Turbo 25’s in the LIFE Business – Mike and Robin Schilling

“When you’re tempted to give up look up, suck it up and step it up!” – Pastor Stuart Briscoe

I want to congratulate Mike and Robin Schilling for their accomplishment of reaching the Turbo 25 level in the LIFE business powered by the TEAM training system.

One of the best words that I can think of to describe Mike and Robin is TENACIOUS!  They just don’t give up – period!  One of the biggest blessings Michelle and I have is celebrating other people’s victories.  There is something special about watching an individual, or couple, set a vision for a better tomorrow, work through the ups-and-downs of the struggle to get there, and then get their victory.  Mike and Robin are excellent examples of that dream-struggle-victory process.

I met Mike and Robin during my years as a pharmacist.  Their family was very industrious, owning and running a cash crop farm while raising 2500 nursery pigs and rotating them every 6 weeks.  In addition to that, Robin homeschooled their 5 children while Mike worked part-time as a pharmacist.  Needless to say, they were BUSY!!

Mike was an entrepreneur by nature and as a couple they always impressed me with their heart to help and serve people.  They were dreamers wanting to do more but had become trapped living the day-to-day operation of the farm and family.  Mike recently stated,

“…As pharmacists, we could help people in limited ways, but saw that so much more needed to be done. People were struggling with financial issues, relationship issues and many other problems that affected their health and well-being. With the Team system and the LIFE business, we can help people in all areas of their lives and really begin to make a difference. More importantly, with the AGO series, we have a way to help and serve people get information that can have eternal consequences.”

Mike and Robin’s life reflects their strong faith and when exposed to the LIFE business concept Robin commented:

“…We started to immediately recognize the truth in the principles that were being taught from the audios. As we began to meet others, we saw people who needed financial help, working parents who wanted to be stay-at-home parents, couples who were drifting apart in their marriages, others who just needed a kind word or a bit of encouragement and individuals who shunned the church and its teachings. The LIFE information became a vehicle to deliver timeless success principles and biblical truths in a systematic, non-threatening manner.”

It is no surprise that Mike and Robin are rising in the ranks of leadership.  Their vision for the future, their strong work ethic, and their never-give-up attitude have set them up for success. Today, Mike and Robin are the proud grandparents of 4 living grandchildren and 1 granddaughter who is living eternally with Christ in heaven.  As their children, Eric and Alex, have joined them in the LIFE journey, this family is making a big difference together (see article Eric and Miriam Schilling Brand New Turbo 50’s: Pig Farmer to Carpenter….Turned Entrepreneur with LIFE Leadership).

I love the LIFE business created from the minds of Orrin and Laurie Woodward.  Where else can a family join together for a common cause to have fun, make money, and make a difference?  Congratulations Mike and Robin!  You are an inspiration to us and your community and Godspeed on your journey toward your destiny of making a difference in the world.

Matt Mielke

The Mental Fitness Challenge Movement – Become A Part of History!

Mental Fitness Challenge Going Viral!

Americans are obsessed with bingeing weight loss programs.  An article in 2009 from CBS News Health Watch states, “About 45 million Americans diet each year. People in this country spend $1 billion to 2 billion per year on weight-loss programs….except for Weight Watchers, none of them offer proof that they actually work at helping people shed pounds and keep them off.”

I believe we are all aware of the health and fitness epidemic going on in our country, but how many North Americans have ever thought about their Mental Fitness?  If they have, have they ever had a way to measure their progress?  What if 45 million Americans spent as much time and money on their people and leadership skills as they do on their dieting?  Imagine a country where the family unit becomes the focal point again and not the individual.  Public virtue becomes a cornerstone of our communities and a whole new generation of men and women, with a foundation of morales, integrity and character, enter into public service. Look no further!

LIFE’s Mental Fitness Challenge!

What is the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC)? A holistic approach of life-changing information that is divided into 3 general areas for growth: private (personal) achievements, public achievements, and leadership (professional) achievements.  The MFC includes three best-selling books, a bunch of CDs, an online environment for tracking progress, a video library which accumulates for future viewing as videos stream in through email on a regular basis, a self assessment test, unlimited 360 feedback, accountability partners, goal and tracking sheets, and more! This product encompasses years and years of learning how people change and maximize in their lives in all the 13 areas of resolutions from Orrin Woodward‘s best seller, RESOLVED.

The Founders of LIFE have spent a combined 100+ years of research, sweat, and practical experience identifying the challenges we all face in today’s world.  The MFC is the launch pad to help give us the tools to start on a journey of growth and progress toward living the life we’ve always wanted.

Get information today to find out how you can participate in the MFC movement and how this can improve not only our personal lives, but our country too. Godspeed


Mental Fitness to Personal Fitness Challenges Addressed in the LIFE Business

I want to share some personal stories from some friends in our LIFE business that we feel will provide inspiration and motivation for us all.  Nate Kuhl and Penny Tahtinen are two of many examples of individuals that have started a new life journey through self-directed learning and plugged into a great association of people who have decided to get control of their lives through the LIFE business.

Penny Tahtinen – Personal Fitness and Mental Fitness Challenges through Finances and Faith

Penny and her husband Michael have four children and plugged into the LIFE training materials and the TEAM system for building compensated communities back in the fall of 2011.  Within a relatively short period of time, Penny has achieved some phenomenal results in several of the 8F’s, a few of which I want to share with you in Penny’s words:

As of this morning I lost 33lbs and counting down.  Since August Michael and I have paid off $12724.48 in medical and credit card debt and counting down to the day of being debt free.

Thanks for the encouragement along the way!  If it wasn’t for the both of you I would still have my door closed to the world.  I feel alive again!  With Christ centered in my life and working daily at becoming a better wife and mother, I now have the strength and courage to be the example for my family.

 “This is the last thing I’m going to do, I’m going to make it! All because someone believed in me.”  -Bill Lewis

 Thank You!  Penny

 Nate Kuhl – Fitness, Faith and Friends

Nate Kuhl is an incredible example of a young man on a life mission.  I met him through his fiancé, Ashley, while building compensated communities in TEAM and LIFE.  Nate, like Penny, has achieved very significant results in the 8F’s which are nothing less than inspiring.  Please read from Nate’s own words:

I have never been a very physically fit person. Fitness is not an important choice for many people in my family and that thought process passed to me as well. I found myself a magnet for ridicule and names growing up but learned to cope with humor and casual association, often preferring a loner lifestyle of entertainment and video games. But I was never really happy with myself or my Fitness situation. I had worked hard one spring in high school and achieved some weight loss results but they did not last and I knew I had failed again. I decided again last January that I would lose weight and try to get healthy. Fortunately in March last year my life changed. I attended a [TEAM] seminar with my then girlfriend, now fiance, and my life hit a turning point. It was through the Team that I learned people of character say things, commit, and accomplish their stated goals. With commitment, discipline, much encouragement, MonaVie, and hard work, I took my efforts to a whole new level. I ran two to three miles four or five days a week. I cracked down hard on what I would eat. By changing my thinking from pain or anguish to vision and excitement, I persevered. Over 9 months I lost 65 pounds and a lot of money on new clothes. =)   Now, through continued discipline and commitment, I continue to stay in shape and get great nutrition from MonaVie’s world-class products. But the biggest lesson I learned was that confidence and courage do not come from change, physical looks, or good health; it comes from within. That meant God had already put the potential inside of me and it is up to me to draw on it and bring it out. The hardest part of this was to decide and commit. That takes courage.The rest is just a direct result of positive efforts applied over time – the slight edge. I encourage all of you to take that step in whatever direction you have been hesitant to go. Whatever LIFE category it falls under, you can do it too. God bless.

Wow!  Not much more I need to add to those testimonies.  The LIFE opportunity is a multifaceted approach, helping people discover answers and applying real-life solutions to some of our most vexing problems of this day.  Mental and Physical Fitness, Personal Finances, Friends and Faith are just some of what LIFE offers.  Come and learn what awaits you on your journey in LIFE.  Godspeed


“LIFE – The New Economic Paradigm”

This last weekend on a LIFE leadership stage, Renee Oettinger and Mark and Jen Paul spoke in Milwaukee, WI in front of around 1000 people.  The convention room was humming with excitement because of what is happening with the LIFE leadership model of compensated communities. Where else can you grow and learn from the top minds in leadership and life experience, have a blast celebrating personal and professional victories, and get paid to introduce your friends to this great community?

One of my favorite talks came from Mark Paul as he described different historical scenarios when something was discovered rather accidentally, but then through intentional and persistent activity turned out to alter the course of business history.  Examples included the invention of super glue, play dough, and the new billion dollar company “Spanx.”

Order using LIFE member 61237112

Mark referenced the research of author Malcolm Gladwell in his excellent book Outliers, as Gladwell looked at the top 75 wealthiest people in all human history.  To paraphrase Gladwell, nineteen of the 75, almost 20 percent, came from one country, the United States of America, during the time period from 1860’s to 1870’s. At that time America was experiencing the birth of the industrial manufacturing age.  Rail roads were being built, Wall Street (I know that’s a swear word right now) emerged and the American economy was undergoing a massive transition.  As Gladwell states in his book, “The rules by which the traditional economy had functioned were broken and remade.”

Birth of a New Age

Economies broken and remade, the birth of a new age, accidental discoveries that led to history in the making – THAT’S IT!!!  LIFE leadership is the new economic paradigm!

Our economy is smack dab in the middle of a rebirth.  The internet has changed everything.  I recommend you get a hold of a CD titled Economics 101 by Larry VanBuskirk where Larry describes in excellent detail what is going on in today’s economy.

To order use LIFE member 61237112

In his book The Next Millionaires, best-selling author Paul Zane Pilzer describes how we have transitioned from the Industrial Age to the Information Age and how, as a result of that transition, the greatest transfer of wealth in all of human history is going to take place.  The question is, will we be a part of it or just watch it happen to someone else?

LIFE leadership; the New Economic Paradigm- Compensated Communities

I volunteer to be on the receiving end through the LIFE leadership vehicle.  Why?  Because it is the only vehicle that allows any individual, based on their performance, to go as far as they want.  No special deals, a systematized program of personal and leadership development, unlimited income potential all wrapped in principle-based, foundational teachings of responsibility, purpose, integrity, good character and service to others.

LIFE, drawing on the expertise of the founders with over 100  combined years of experience in building compensated communities, has intersected four massive  industries: leadership development, life coaching, social networking, and home based business – all of which have a combined revenue potential over 500 Billion dollars.

Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of Everything is Junk!

Theodore Sturgeon, in 1958, described a revelation that, “90% of film, literature, consumer goods, etc. are crap.”  Today it is known as Sturgeon’s Law and it still holds true today – just look at You Tube, American Idol and many other areas of consumerism.

If Sturgeon’s Law still holds true, than 90 percent of the four industries LIFE intersects is junk.  Ninety percent of 500 billion dollars is……. a lot of money, 450 billion to be exact!

When LIFE launched last November, the business had ground floor credibility with Orrin Woodward receiving the 2011 IAB Top Leadership Award and holding the #7 top leadership guru spot, while Chris Brady held the #12 spot.  The-team.biz is recognized as the top builder of compensated communities and the list goes on and on.

If Sturgeon’s Law is true, and the LIFE leadership and business paradigm are already recognized as the top in the industry, do you think we can capture at least 1% of the $450 billion that’s crud!?!

LIFE is a Personal and Professional “Game Changer”

Let me try to wrap this together.  Mark Paul’s talk was profound.  We are literally at the dawn of a new era – some see it as hopeles, we see it as mega-opportunity.  By changing the sources of information coming into our minds, will literally change the course of our futures.  There is nothing rocket science about personal achievement, but it will take hard work!  The bad news is most won’t do the hard work, however, those that choose to be proactive, persistent and intentional will reap a LIFE harvest that will blow your mind.  Choose LIFE as your economic paradigm.  Godspeed.


Congratulations to Josh and Kristina Meinel, Brand New Turbo 25’s in the TEAM/LIFE business

Josh and Kristina are an incredible example of what can change when a couple gets it together – together!  This last month, Josh and Kristina were recognized in front of just under 1000 people, at a LIFE leadership seminar in Milwaukee, for hitting the Turbo 25 level.  What that means is the Meinels were recognized for leading at least 50 people in multiple states – plugging them into the greatest leadership organization in the world.

Josh has a passion for computers and works as a distributor for a major soft drink supplier.  Kristina has a degree in theater stage management from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.

When I first met Josh, I could sense this young man was intelligent but needed a vehicle in his life to discover and define his purpose.  Kristina was filled with vision and drive and after joining Team leadership, Josh and Kristina started to tap into a future they dreamed of having together.  Here is a quote from Kristina’s LIFE testimony:

When I first got started [with Team] I wanted to see tangible results, so for people like me, here are some! Josh and I reorganized our finances with the information from the Financial Pack and the book The Slight Edge, and I got out of my job! I am currently a stay-at-home wife and mother of a baby boy. We are working toward replacing Josh’s income so he can be at home with us to see his son’s first steps, words, and so many more “firsts” to come!

With the launch of LIFE, Josh and Kristina have hit the ground running with huge goals and dreams.  We are impressed with their eagerness to learn and grow, capitalize on each others strengths, and always strive for excellence in every area of their lives.  I know the Turbo 25 level is just a temporary stop for this couple as they have an appointment with destiny – to become the next generation of leaders this country needs.  Matt