The new beginning – Leadership to the masses!

Leadership is the key to life,” I heard from a CD a handful of years ago from a stranger named Orrin Woodward.  “Everyone is called to lead at some point.”  Woodward professed.  Wow, he nailed my fear – leading.  How does one lead?  How does one lead well?

To say I was confused at that period of my life would be an understatement.  Years of propaganda from my college days shouted, “Men move over, it’s time to let others lead!”  So I did.  I let my wife bring home the majority of the money.  I changed a diaper as well as anyone.  I kept the house clean.  Meanwhile, my wife heard a message to take on the responsibility of what men neglected over the decades and generations.  She carried the financial burden as well as any man, working as a pediatrician.  I was a pharmacist and, though I contributed some to our income and way of life, any leadership initiative I took with my wife and children was stifled by a fear of loss rather than coming from a position of strength and serving.  Most of the time I made decisions to ‘keep the peace’  and ‘not ruffle any feathers’ at home.  For us, what started out as a chic role reversal, quickly became a roller coaster of confusion and anger.  I remember driving to work, banging on my steering wheel in frustration and defeat, thinking there must be a better way.

Thankfully Dan Hawkins and the TEAM founded by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady entered our lives.  Their commitment to serving us and leading us down a system of truthful information brought clarity to the life fog we were in.  I learned from Dan and from books like Finishing Strong that men can lead the family and that it’s socially acceptable and desirable if done right.  But, what is right, isn’t that relative?  No, I learned that there are absolute rights, there is a moral conduct we can live by that brings more peace, joy and sanity in this chaotic world.

Ironically, as my wife and I began to re-educate ourselves in these absolutes, we slowly redefined our roles.  I wanted to lead the family, and she wanted to stay home with our children.  We had ended up in roles we didn’t want to be in because we once bought into a message that said, “This is how the world works, like it or not.”

Thankfully, my wife and I learned we could change if we applied different information – and we did.

Slowly, I learned, read and listened, developing myself as a leader in my home and community.  I bought into Orrin’s idea that we can raise a million leaders in this country.  “We will take leadership to the masses,” Orrin said.  Men, women, black, white, Asian, African, Hispanic – AMERICAN!  We will accept people where they are at, we will find good in people instead of tearing them down.  We will help individuals develop strengths and address weaknesses in character and integrity.  “It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it,” Dan Hawkins would tell me.  “We will build communities of people looking for new beginnings, encourage individuals to read again, learn to have intelligent conversations on controversial, often taboo, but always important, subjects like politics, marriage and faith.”

I remember being skeptical in the beginning.  “Come on, is this for real?”  It sounded too good to be true – but it was true.

Over the years I have witnessed thousands of lives transformed through the LIFE community.  Marriages restored, finances turned around, broken family relationships reunited.  This TEAM is about unlimited restarts and new beginnings in life .  I thank God for the courage and leadership of Dan Hawkins and Orrin Woodward and look forward to playing my part in developing 1 million leaders as we bring leadership to the masses through LIFE.

Matt  Mielke

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16 Responses to The new beginning – Leadership to the masses!

  1. Wow Matt, this is incredible! We are bringing leadership to the masses and your’s and Michelle’s story is so inspiring and one that will be told for generations because of the courage you had to climb down the old ladder and up a different ladder to learn new information in a new profession that would change millions of lives. Keep leading!

  2. johngraff01 says:

    Hey Matt, Nothing like hitting the nail on the head knocking it out of the park (sorry for the mixed metaphor…). Seriously – I appreciate your honesty and ability to communicate eloquently, These leadership truths that my wife Penny and I are learning as well. Thanks to you and Michelle for your shining example. We love being in this battle with you!

  3. Alex and Beth Schilling says:

    Alex and I are so proud and bless to have you and Michelle as amazing role models in our life! Thank you for sharing your story, it will impact many families for the better! Your passion and inpiration continues to push Alex and I to become better in every way because of your example! Great job! Thanks for leading from the front!!!

  4. miriam says:

    You said it Matt. People just don’t know what to believe any more. They think the middle of the road is the best because that won’t “offend” any one. So many people have fallen into that trap. The middle of the road means that we stand for so little. I want to stand up for something I believe in for once! Let’s do it, together!

  5. Gary Severson says:

    Matt, I’m extremely grateful that someone decided to share this amazing leadership program with you. You and Michelle have decided to fulfill your calling and are creating a ripple effect that’s reaching so many people in need of what we have our hands on. Thanks to you both for your humility, courage and amazing example of servitude. It’s an honor to lock arms with you and take LIFE mainstream! God bless…. ~ Gary & Erika Severson

  6. Kristina Meinel says:

    Great message Matt. Thank you for charging up the hill with us and stepping out of the “norm” to be the leader that men like my husband are striving to follow. You have been, and continue to be a great role model, not only for the guys but also, with Michelle, as an example of a wonderful marriage where the man is the head of the household… and that’s OK!!! We are looking forward to your insights here in the future. Congratulations in starting your blog.

  7. Les Johnson says:

    Matt, Thanks for being for being one of the growing ranks of LIFE leaders who bring truth and clarity to a world full of misinformation and downright destructive messages. It is time for a new generation of, ” Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers”, to lead this country out of the abyss. The new LIFE community reaches out to those who have come to believe they are ” nobodies” and tells them that if they are willing to learn and grow and follow a proven system they can shape and control their own destinies. God bless and thanks for carrying the torch.

  8. Matt, I remember that confused time in my life as well. Thank you for bringing clarity of a what a leader looks like to so many men.

  9. Charles and Jaime Jaeger says:

    Hey Matt, excellent blog entry! You and Michelle set such a great example for many to follow. you are making a huge difference in this world and you are just getting started!

  10. jackiefrey says:

    You and Michelle are shining examples to so many people. I appreciate your courage and honesty. You both are amazing leaders helping to lead so many people to the truth. I have always admired you & Michelle’s ability to relate to people so so well. Keep up the good work!
    God Bless TEAM.
    Jackie Frey

  11. Angie Johnson says:

    great blog Matt i look forward to some more amazing post. you guys are doing an amazing job leading people to a better life

  12. Mike and Robin Schilling says:

    Leadership. It is something we recognize when it is lacking and often take for granted when it is in place. But, Matt, you’ve nailed it. Leadership is a key and when we begin to turn that key, we begin a journey that a portion of society degrades and scorns. The LIFE business is not afraid to wage a battle against society and fight the media war of propaganda. Thankfully, the Team Leadership community has a group of leaders in place who are willing to stand up and point a different direction so other frustrated men and women can get better information so they can take different actions in their individual lives, which in turn, will lead to a life of significance and service in the lives of others. We are proud to stand in the trenches with you.

  13. Kevin Hamm says:

    Hey Matt, Great piece of writing. I sense there will be a book someday. Thank you for your passion and sincerity. I look forward many years of fruitful association with you and all of the leaders of the LIFE community. Thanks for all you do.

    Kevin Hamm

  14. Lori Maas says:

    Matt, the more I get to know you the more I thank God for bringing you into the LIFE community! Your ability to communicate with honesty and passion are so refreshing in a world that screams angry half truths. Mark and I are so honored to be in this community with you.

  15. Joy Braund says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was an eye opener for myself being a woman, obviously, that we also have a lot to learn from the LIFE business to do what God has called us to do, be man’s helpmate. Not push him down and yes growing up I did feel that push that maybe Michelle felt to lead. I appreciate men like you so much that are willing to stand up and change what society says and help more men to be the Leaders they are called to be. Thank you

  16. Larry Wieberdink says:

    Thanks Matt for your poiniant transparency. It is so great to have seen you in action, heard you from the stage, and now to experience your creativity in print. GO MATT!!!
    I know this is a huge personal breakthrough for you and you’ve done it with finese. You guys continue to be such an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the great Leadership.

    Larry Wieberdink
    Stealth Red Eagles

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