The-life-business launch a huge success!

Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the other five founders of the-life-business have hit a home run!  For a great video snippet of the weekend check out Dan Hawkins blog.

Where do I begin?  The culmination of over 100 years of collective business and leadership experience, plus over 10 years of systems optimization, all packaged and wrapped in a business called LIFE.

My mind spins with all the information and emotions from the weekend.  The dreams, the possibilities, the trials, the personal victories, the new commitments, the identification and tackling of personal challenges, new friendships, just to mention a few.  Finally, we have a vehicle to change the course of our lives and the course of history.

My personal favorite talks were Oliver Demille’s and Orrin and Laurie Woodward’s.

DeMille outlined a shift that is occurring in our country (reference Freedom Shift: 3 Choices to Reclaim America’s Destiny, by DeMille).  In our world history about every 80-100+ years there is either a freedom shift (a positive change leading to more freedoms) or a force shift (a negative change that takes away freedoms). The last shift was 1913-1939 which was a force shift.  Today we are on the verge of another shift and the momentum is in the direction of a force shift.  But we can change that with a group of dedicated individuals willing to sacrifice and work together in a community for a common purpose to preserve our freedoms (sounds like the-life-business to me:)).

Orrin and Laurie tag teamed with two outstanding talks.  Laurie spoke on efficiency vs. effectiveness in many different areas of one’s life (reference LIFE Living Intentionally For Excellence, by Brady and Woodward).  Orrin discussed measuring one’s leadership through the trilateral leadership ledger (reference Launching a Leadership Revolution, by Brady and Woodward).

I could go on and on (I did fill up half a notebook with notes:)) but I’ll spare you the torture.  You have to experience it for yourself.  Join the-life-business today and start your own personal leadership journey and freedom shift.

God Bless, Matt

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4 Responses to The-life-business launch a huge success!

  1. Another incredible post Matt! I heard you and Steve ROCKED last night! I had 10 text messages just about Pewaukee last night when I looked at my phone! I LOVE OUR SYSTEM!!! Thanks for leading by example, sharing your passion and speaking from your heart! You and Michelle are changing lives!!

  2. Tom & Claire Bauman says:

    Fired up Matt!! We are SOO honored to be in this fight with you! We are with you… all the way to FREEDOM and 1 million!!! Thank you for all that you and Michelle do!! May The Lord continue to shine on you and your family!! First to Serve!!

  3. johngraff01 says:

    Thanks Matt for your leadership as well as your perspectives. Thank you also for serving the Team in servant leader fashion, as always. Penny and I are so proud of leaders like you who represent the finest in “hungry, honeable and honorable” students of the team system!
    John Graff
    Team Phoenix

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