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Over the last five years Dan and Lisa Hawkins have significantly impacted our lives through mentoring and training from  When I was initially introduced to networking I was hesitant of this industry because I believed networking might be a pyramid and a scam.  But, because Dan and Lisa were so committed to helping me, I gave a chance and here is what I found.

Networking has a history of over-promising and under-delivering.  Someone joins a networking business, has hope restored, is excited about their future but doesn’t know anything about building teams to succeed in networking.  The result is people run around and hurt a lot of relationships because they don’t have the right system in place to teach them leadership and relational skills.  That is exactly what provides:  A systematic approach to mentoring and an education in leadership/life skills combined with a dependable, duplicatable, method for people to succeed in building large teams in the community building and networking field.

Here’s the challenge though: Networking involves people.  The myth is only certain people can be successful in networking and you have to be born with the right personality and people skills.  The truth is anyone can do this.  To be successful in networking requires some common traits:  A hunger and strong work ethic, an ambitious spirit with a good attitude, you need to be looking for a new opportunity and you need to have a teachable spirit with humility.  When someone brings that to the table and gets plugged into training system, over time they will have predictable success.  Unfortunately, pride, lack of focus and laziness run rampant in our culture and people quit, giving up way too easy.  For these reasons, and many others, people don’t succeed in networking and I believe it usually boils down to a humility issue:  a closed mind to hear the truth, a hardened heart, and a resistance to change the things that need to be improved.

So, why is system so effective in producing predictable success in the networking profession?   It’s because the system has been forged on principles of truth, integrity and character. It uses auditory and visual learning, while consistently bringing individuals together in a positive and purposeful environment.  The system provides practical and applicable information that teaches, encourages and motivates individuals to pursue excellence in all areas of life such as finances, leadership, family, marriage and others.   Every message, every book, every meeting, although never perfect, comes from the leaders and third party sources that have “fruit on the tree” with the sole purpose to help the new business owner win.  Check out the testimonies on the-life-business website.   Each story is a real life example of ongoing, transformational results that have come from support system.

The battle in North America today is for the mind. is confronting this cultural war by changing our paradigms.  I encourage you to give it a try, but not for just a month or 6 months, but give it years of committed effort to growing and improving as an individual.  It is the lowest cost, highest value support system available.  Perhaps you are familiar with the quote associated with the University of Michigan Football program, “Those who stay will be champions.”  That summarizes support system; if you don’t quit, you will win.  Join today and start your networking journey to freedom.  God Bless.  Matt

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