How is Orrin Woodward helping people?

Just read some great posts on Dan and Lisa Hawkin’s blog sites that answer the question if Orrin and Laurie Woodward are truly helping people or taking advantage of them?  I love the quote Dan used from Henry Ford, “Those who know how will always work for those who know why.”  Dan Hawkins, Orrin Woodward and the rest of the policy council know how to help people win in LIFE – it’s up to the individual to follow through with the work ethic.

Orrin Woodward is the most humble servant leader you’ll ever meet!

One LIFE member said “this guy (Orrin) is a giant in leadership and business.” To this I added, Orrin is not only a giant in business, but he is a giant maker.

That quote comes from Dan Hawkins on his Leadership blog – check it out!  Orrin and Laurie Woodward live their lives to serve their God and to serve other people.  How do I know that?  Because my family has spent enough time with them to know who they are and what they stand for in life.  In fact, I probably know Orrin and Laurie better than I know most of my own family.

Orrin’s goal is to help people win in the game of life, but he doesn’t give hand outs, he gives hand ups.  He has helped to develop leadership guru Chris Brady and up and coming leadership guru Tim Marks.  But Orrin doesn’t take a lick of credit.  He passes the credit up to his God and down to the people he serves.

Orrin’s protege, Dan Hawkins, is following the same path.

Dan has studied Orrin’s leadership style for over 7 years and it is paying off.  Not only has Dan entered the realm of the elite in networking and in leadership, but he has a string of leaders following him.  One example is in the couple of Steve and Jamie Leurquin.  Checkout this post on Steve and Jamie!

As long as I have know Dan and Lisa Hawkins, all I’ve witnessed is a humble couple wanting to serve others and create different results for themselves.  Humility, courage, leader, role model and student are all adjectives I would use to describe Dan Hawkins.

As for Michelle and I, we strive to follow in the Woodward’s and Hawkins’ footsteps.  Orrin is helping tens of thousands of people with a goal to reach 1 million new leaders.  Join your leadership journey today.  Here is what you should do next.

  • Find a leadership meeting close to you.  Check event locations
  • Tie into a mentor that is willing to put themselves aside and help you achieve your goals (yes they do exist, by the thousands in the-life-business and
  • Find a local leader in your area and subscribe to the-life-business and start your own personal growth and leadership journey.

God Bless, Matt

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4 Responses to How is Orrin Woodward helping people?

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  2. Derrick Knoff says:

    Great message Matt! Orrin certainly is a man who “walks the talk”!

  3. Kristina Meinel says:

    Thanks for that Matt! Orrin is a person that we love to follow. Sometimes its hard hearing the negative about him because it is coming from people who have never heard him speak, listened to one of his cds, read one of his books, or met him. I have done all of the above and Orrin wears his heart on his sleeve. He is a man to follow and if people take the time to dig into the information of the LIFE business, they will certainly agree.

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