Life lessons from training system

Dan and Lisa Hawkins just posted 2 great articles recalling Orrin Woodward’s essay’s on the ten daily habits for LIFE and how leadership is about others.  Check both of them out as the information will be life changing for those who apply it consistently in there lives.  Dan and Lisa have done just that and here is a quote from the 10 daily habits post.

….when you chose not to  apply the 10 laws they actually act against you, leaving you stuck in your current situation or worse going backwards everyday.

Conflict resolution is an absolute game changer!!

Back in 2010 I read an article from Orrin Woodward on conflict resolution that has impacted my life in so many ways it would take 2 days to get it in writing.  I’ve created a link to one of Orrin’s articles on conflict resolution for your study.

There is a book titled The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olsen, which I read from training system that highlights this point:  A little effort each day will, over time, compound on itself and create massive results.  The catch is, the compounded result may be catastrophic or positive.  You and I decide by our daily actions which one it will be.

Enjoy the three articles and feel free to leave any comments on how you have applied the information in to your lives. God Bless, Matt.


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4 Responses to Life lessons from training system

  1. Matt,

    Great insight! That “Slight Edge” is so easy to do and so easy to not do. Orrin’s daily habits are one of those where getting that slight edge can give such large returns.

  2. Tom & Claire Bauman says:

    Awesome post Matt! I can’t wait for the next one!

    The 10 daily habits are so profound if we can discipline ourselves to implement them, giving us that “slight edge” towards those “dreamy” results! It’s so amazing that just by plugging into our unbelievable system and associated ourselves with tremendous leaders like you and Michelle, that those daily habits can come so much more naturally through the information!

    First to serve!

  3. johngraff01 says:

    Excellent post. One of my favorite ‘stories’ that I’ve heard through the team training system is about this “thing” that can do all these different things, for good or evil…. ending with …my name is habit!
    I believe that success for people on the team, will be stated the exact same way that a person goes broke: very, very slowly… and then all the sudden!
    Leaders like yourselves know that the slight edge is a big part of what gets us there.
    John Graff

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