False Hope vs Hard Work – the “LIFE song” of our business

I just read a post on Dan Hawkins blog regarding the accomplishments of new Turbo 100 leaders in the TEAM leadership system, Gary and Erika Severson.  This last weekend I was able to hear them speak live in front of about 1700 people in Madison, WI and what impacted me the most was their humility.  The Seversons have applied hard work, serving others, over a number of years to reach their milestone and I know this is only a stepping stone.

As I reflect on the Severson’s victory, I go back to a sermon I heard by Greg Marshall at our church a couple of weeks ago.  The theme was about “worship” in life and who and what do we worship.  Greg, who is a musician, referred to our life as a song – “a life song.”  A song, he described, has a chorus and verses.  The verses represent a story to be told and the chorus represents the main idea or theme.  So as we sing the verses of a song the storyline unfolds and is interrupted by the chorus, or the main theme, to bring us back to a teaching point.  Interesting, I never knew that about music.

What’s your “life song?”

Greg challenged us to describe our “life song.”  What is your story?  Who do you worship?  What would the chorus, or main theme, of your life look like and what message would it convey?  Greg introduced an ancient Greek word proskyneo which means “to bend toward.”  As we walk through our life day to day, we “worship” or bend toward something.  The question is do we bend our lives (worship) toward God and his eternal purpose or do we bend toward ourselves for pleasure and comfort.

In the past, my life story tended to bend toward…. ME!  My natural tendency is self-serving and seeking pleasure.  I had friction in almost all of my relationships. I was judgmental of others, lacking patience, and I was kind to others only if there was some kind of reciprocation.  My work was only a means to a paycheck; otherwise I wouldn’t have sacrificed so much time away from family.   Life, when serving self and pleasure, becomes compartmentalized and pragmatic. We tend to measure the effort and sacrifice put into something based on what return we’ll get from the effort.  It leads to a very discontented life filled with shallow relationships and false hope.

On the other hand, when we bend our life toward a purpose, beyond ourselves, we find fluency to life.  In the Bible, God wants us to bend or lives toward him through serving others first, and having “fruit of the Spirit” as the apostle Paul describes in a letter to the people of Galatia.  When our life song focuses on something greater than ourselves, then our work, relationships, ministry and pleasure become interlaced.  Our work becomes more purposeful, our relationships become more fulfilling, and life becomes more meaningful.

What do the verses of your life song read like?  Is your chorus singing of self-pleasure and comfort?  Or, are you like Gary and Erika Severson who have decided to bend their life toward worshiping God through serving others.  By pursuing purpose beyond themselves through the LIFE business, Gary and Erika are providing real hope to people who desperately need it.

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9 Responses to False Hope vs Hard Work – the “LIFE song” of our business

  1. Chris Brady says:

    Love the concept of the “life song”! It’s a worthwhile exercise to not only evaluate what our song currently is…but, more importantly, what do we want it to be.

  2. This is a fantastic post Matt! Thank you for the reminder of worship in our lives through our ‘life song.’ The-life-business is a vehicle that allows those who serve and worship God with humility the blessing of significance and purpose that can never be replaced by pleasure and comfort. Gary and Erika as well as you and Michelle are living a beautiful life song to be heard by millions. Thank you for your leadership!

  3. Thank you Matt for this great insight! Imagine if even 1 million people in this world started to live a life of purpose.
    Jeremiah 29:11
    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”

  4. Matt,
    After reading your post I played this song for my family as they were doing their homeschool. Very powerful! Thank you for the message.
    Steve Leurquin

  5. Larry Wieberdink says:

    Thanks for being so transparent and humble. The theme and chorus of your lives is such an inspiration to all of us. It is so good to have hope come alive again all across our country. May the combined choir of our life songs pay forward as a legacy to future generations in an even stronger and restored America.

    Lead on—

    Larry Wieberdink

  6. Gary & Erika Severson says:

    Matt, What an honor to be used as an example for this. We thank you and Michelle and so many other great leaders who have been such great examples for us along the way. We are humbled and completely embrace our role as servants to those in need of what we’ve been blessed with. There’s no better way to learn and grow and have that “fruit of the spirit” reach our hearts than through this wonderful TEAM Leadership system that gives us the means to bring the LIFE business into people’s lives and strive for excellence the way God intends for us to do!

  7. Kristina Meinel says:

    Awesome!!! And a very important message of self evaluation. Thanks!!

  8. AdamRossman says:

    Right on Matt!! Gary and Erika Severson are true servant leaders – just like you see in the rest of Dan and Lisa Hawkins’ organization. A bunch of people willing to serve others to help them get the life they’ve always wanted. Its an awesome project and we are so proud to be associated with Dan and Lisa Hawkins and Gary and Erika Severson!!!!!

  9. stevesager says:

    Gary and Erika have absolutely paved the way for us to follow. We owe a ton our success in our personal lives and The Life Business, to Gary and Erika.

    All the time, money and countless ‘coaching’ sessions from these two awesome people have created a ripple affect for this family. They have done so well in coaching us, that we have been blessed with being mentored by, Steve and Jamie Leurquin and Co Founders of LIFE Dan and Lisa Hawkins!

    Great post Matt! Both Kelli and I look up to you and Michelle leading so many community leaders as well!

    God Bless Gary and Erika!

    Steve Sager

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