2012 Winter TEAM/LIFE Leadership Conference in the History Books!

LIFE is changing lives for the better and making a difference.” Dan Hawkins

Call it a huge success!  The 2012 TEAM/LIFE Leadership Convention in Columbus, Ohio was one for the history books.  I was reading Dan Hawkins Leadership blog this morning and I loved the comments from attendees Dan recorded.

As usual from the highly professional Leadership events the TEAM puts on, there was laughing, crying, inspiration and introspection.  Lives are changing by the tens-of-thousands and it’s no coincidence why the LIFE is leading the way as the premier Leadership development company on the planet.  It is the place where common men and women are realizing their God given potential and changing their lives.

Top 10 reasons people quit something worthy

My favorite talk was from Life founder and leadership guru Chris Brady on Saturday night when he spoke about the top 10 reasons people quit something worthy.

  1. No mental toughness.  The courageous male is an endangered species.
  2. Self-doubt.  “If it’s hard it must not be meant to be,” is the excuse millions are using to settle for mediocrity.
  3. Unwillingness to accept personal responsibility.
  4. Relational challenges.  Conflict resolution should be taught starting in grade school and repeated every year for the rest of one’s life.  Also, the concept of grace for people needs to become an established norm in all our relationships.
  5. Dream is not big enough.  When we pursue our goals and it starts to get hard, we give up and use the excuse, “It wasn’t worth it anyway.”
  6. Comfort and the lure of lesser things.
  7. Distractions – broken focus.
  8. Lack of character.  “Everywhere I go there I am.”  LIFE founder – Tim Marks
  9. Closet sins.  We hide them from the world, yet they fester underneath eventually revealing themselves destructively.
  10. Pride.  Everybody wants to look cool and put together, but few will do what it takes to truly win. It shouldn’t be important what people think of you (reputation), but what God sees you as when no one is looking (character).

Each one of those is a topic for a future article.  Michelle and I decided 5 years ago that we were going to shift gears and pursue a life with meaning and purpose.  We gave up a really good life-style, for an exceptional life.  We are so blessed to be associated with a bunch of “common folk winners” on our team – The Red Eagles.  I’ll paraphrase one of my favorite comments from the weekend from Josh and Christina Meinel.

I never thought we would be involved with saving someone’s marriage. But, because Josh went out of his comfort zone to share this information with another young man, the information and association has saved this man’s marriage.

It doesn’t get much better than that.  To repeat Dan Hawkins beginning quote, “LIFE is changing lives for the better and making a difference.”  If you attended the weekend, feel free to comment and share your favorite part of the conference.  God Bless!

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5 Responses to 2012 Winter TEAM/LIFE Leadership Conference in the History Books!

  1. Amen brother! Let’s build an army of LIFE changers! Great article!

  2. rjfisher1 says:

    Great post! That list was one of my favorites, too. Another thing that always amazes me is the Sunday morning worship services. The feeling of what that venue and process did over time in our lives and then to see the sheer number of people there each Leadership is such a blessing. Mark and Jenn Paul’s testimony was wonderful and so many people can probably relate to where they came from spiritually. I sure did!

  3. Great Post Matt!

    My favorite part? Can I say parts?
    There were so many; from Paco and Fred Snodgrass, to watching Claude’s child like excitement as he shared pictures of their long awaited son. And how do you not still feel the story Lindsey and Holger shared of the young children watching their parents choose one over the other.

    Of course there was much great teaching, but those will pale in comparison to the many emotions and the lives changed.

    Giving up a great life-style for an exceptional life one is a quote I will always remember and so will the many families you and Michelle will touch.

    May GOD continue to Bless you on your journey.

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