Congratulations to Josh and Kristina Meinel, Brand New Turbo 25’s in the TEAM/LIFE business

Josh and Kristina are an incredible example of what can change when a couple gets it together – together!  This last month, Josh and Kristina were recognized in front of just under 1000 people, at a LIFE leadership seminar in Milwaukee, for hitting the Turbo 25 level.  What that means is the Meinels were recognized for leading at least 50 people in multiple states – plugging them into the greatest leadership organization in the world.

Josh has a passion for computers and works as a distributor for a major soft drink supplier.  Kristina has a degree in theater stage management from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.

When I first met Josh, I could sense this young man was intelligent but needed a vehicle in his life to discover and define his purpose.  Kristina was filled with vision and drive and after joining Team leadership, Josh and Kristina started to tap into a future they dreamed of having together.  Here is a quote from Kristina’s LIFE testimony:

When I first got started [with Team] I wanted to see tangible results, so for people like me, here are some! Josh and I reorganized our finances with the information from the Financial Pack and the book The Slight Edge, and I got out of my job! I am currently a stay-at-home wife and mother of a baby boy. We are working toward replacing Josh’s income so he can be at home with us to see his son’s first steps, words, and so many more “firsts” to come!

With the launch of LIFE, Josh and Kristina have hit the ground running with huge goals and dreams.  We are impressed with their eagerness to learn and grow, capitalize on each others strengths, and always strive for excellence in every area of their lives.  I know the Turbo 25 level is just a temporary stop for this couple as they have an appointment with destiny – to become the next generation of leaders this country needs.  Matt

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6 Responses to Congratulations to Josh and Kristina Meinel, Brand New Turbo 25’s in the TEAM/LIFE business

  1. Nate Kuhl says:

    They truly are a blessing to anyone they come in contact with! Drive, passion, encouragement, and persistence are just a few words associated with these two. To be on this journey with them is very exciting and we cannot wait to see what they truly are capable of with this amazing system.

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  3. Miriam says:

    It is such a blessing to be working with this couple. Josh teaches us what true passion and integrity is. Kristina compliments Josh so well with her fun and uplifting attitude. Every day Kristina impresses me with her growth and ability to get what needs to be done, done. She’s truly a woman to look up to, an amazing leader to follow. Congratulations to them! They so deserve it!

  4. Miriam says:

    These are words well said for a couple that has worked hard, poured their hearts and time into other people and grown personally in leaps and bounds! Congratulations Josh and Kristina!

  5. Eric Schilling says:

    These two are doing what it takes to win big! The life team is bringing up the new leadership this world needs!

  6. Jen Ulrich says:

    A little late to the discussion, I know, but I just wanted to let any readers out there know just how much we owe to Josh and Kristina already–and we’re still so new to this community! I never thought I’d be seeking practical advice and wisdom from someone a handful of years younger than me, but they have the results I’m aiming for! And I know they’re not going to stop growing and learning any time soon! I’m so excited to be following in their footsteps. Keep it up, guys. Your hard work is paying off in the lives you’re touching!

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