“LIFE – The New Economic Paradigm”

This last weekend on a LIFE leadership stage, Renee Oettinger and Mark and Jen Paul spoke in Milwaukee, WI in front of around 1000 people.  The convention room was humming with excitement because of what is happening with the LIFE leadership model of compensated communities. Where else can you grow and learn from the top minds in leadership and life experience, have a blast celebrating personal and professional victories, and get paid to introduce your friends to this great community?

One of my favorite talks came from Mark Paul as he described different historical scenarios when something was discovered rather accidentally, but then through intentional and persistent activity turned out to alter the course of business history.  Examples included the invention of super glue, play dough, and the new billion dollar company “Spanx.”

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Mark referenced the research of author Malcolm Gladwell in his excellent book Outliers, as Gladwell looked at the top 75 wealthiest people in all human history.  To paraphrase Gladwell, nineteen of the 75, almost 20 percent, came from one country, the United States of America, during the time period from 1860’s to 1870’s. At that time America was experiencing the birth of the industrial manufacturing age.  Rail roads were being built, Wall Street (I know that’s a swear word right now) emerged and the American economy was undergoing a massive transition.  As Gladwell states in his book, “The rules by which the traditional economy had functioned were broken and remade.”

Birth of a New Age

Economies broken and remade, the birth of a new age, accidental discoveries that led to history in the making – THAT’S IT!!!  LIFE leadership is the new economic paradigm!

Our economy is smack dab in the middle of a rebirth.  The internet has changed everything.  I recommend you get a hold of a CD titled Economics 101 by Larry VanBuskirk where Larry describes in excellent detail what is going on in today’s economy.

To order use LIFE member 61237112

In his book The Next Millionaires, best-selling author Paul Zane Pilzer describes how we have transitioned from the Industrial Age to the Information Age and how, as a result of that transition, the greatest transfer of wealth in all of human history is going to take place.  The question is, will we be a part of it or just watch it happen to someone else?

LIFE leadership; the New Economic Paradigm- Compensated Communities

I volunteer to be on the receiving end through the LIFE leadership vehicle.  Why?  Because it is the only vehicle that allows any individual, based on their performance, to go as far as they want.  No special deals, a systematized program of personal and leadership development, unlimited income potential all wrapped in principle-based, foundational teachings of responsibility, purpose, integrity, good character and service to others.

LIFE, drawing on the expertise of the founders with over 100  combined years of experience in building compensated communities, has intersected four massive  industries: leadership development, life coaching, social networking, and home based business – all of which have a combined revenue potential over 500 Billion dollars.

Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of Everything is Junk!

Theodore Sturgeon, in 1958, described a revelation that, “90% of film, literature, consumer goods, etc. are crap.”  Today it is known as Sturgeon’s Law and it still holds true today – just look at You Tube, American Idol and many other areas of consumerism.

If Sturgeon’s Law still holds true, than 90 percent of the four industries LIFE intersects is junk.  Ninety percent of 500 billion dollars is……. a lot of money, 450 billion to be exact!

When LIFE launched last November, the business had ground floor credibility with Orrin Woodward receiving the 2011 IAB Top Leadership Award and holding the #7 top leadership guru spot, while Chris Brady held the #12 spot.  The-team.biz is recognized as the top builder of compensated communities and the list goes on and on.

If Sturgeon’s Law is true, and the LIFE leadership and business paradigm are already recognized as the top in the industry, do you think we can capture at least 1% of the $450 billion that’s crud!?!

LIFE is a Personal and Professional “Game Changer”

Let me try to wrap this together.  Mark Paul’s talk was profound.  We are literally at the dawn of a new era – some see it as hopeles, we see it as mega-opportunity.  By changing the sources of information coming into our minds, will literally change the course of our futures.  There is nothing rocket science about personal achievement, but it will take hard work!  The bad news is most won’t do the hard work, however, those that choose to be proactive, persistent and intentional will reap a LIFE harvest that will blow your mind.  Choose LIFE as your economic paradigm.  Godspeed.


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3 Responses to “LIFE – The New Economic Paradigm”

  1. Dad says:

    Matt..I’m enjoying your blog and happy knowing that I’ve taught you almost everything you know…I wish. “Learning something new everyday”, Dad

  2. Eric Schilling says:

    Awesome article! Thanks Matt, you nailed it! The LIFE business is perfectly positioned for the biggest shift of wealth this country has ever seen! So excited for the future!

  3. Matt, an excellent article from a top student of leadership! thanks, Orrin

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