LIFE: The “Mindsweeper” That Protects the Waters of Our Life

“Any ship can be a minesweeper…once.”  Admiral Hornblower

A few years ago I learned an important lesson about my brain;  Garbage in- garbage out.  The thoughts, opinions and beliefs I have are the results of the information I have allowed into my brain over my lifetime.  The challenge is to know whether the information we allow in is truly “mind-growing,” or “mind-blowing.”

The ideas for today’s article came from a daily devotion from Pete Briscoe, Senior Pastor of Bent Tree Bible Fellowshipin Texas.

In a hostile world, few things are as dangerous or as terrifying as an explosive mine. Land mines are buried in seemingly harmless areas, killing and maiming decades after being planted. Our seas are full of them.  One mine can take down a huge ship.  Almost as devastating, the fear of mines can deprive a ship of freedom of movement, paralyzing it in fear of inevitable explosion.

A plume of water, a shuddering throughout the skeleton of the vessel, a chaotic descent into the depths…  Yes, one mine floating beneath the surface can sink a ship—and one false belief lurking beneath your thoughts can sink your whole life.

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. —2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Without even knowing it, many of us are sailing through dangerous waters.  Strongholds, arguments, pretensions have been planted in our path. These are the beliefs behind our beliefs, the assumptions behind our assumptions. And in many cases, they are built on lies from the enemy, intent on blowing us to bits.

As part of its anti-mine warfare, the United States Navy flies the largest helicopter in the free world, the MH53.  (MH stands for Minesweeping Helicopter).   With three engines of over 5000 horsepower each, it can lift a railroad car.  But its mission is to fly above dangerous waters pulling an extensive apparatus that identifies and explodes mines.

Just as the Navy uses minesweepers, every male and female today needs a MINDsweeper. Do you know what dangers lurk deep in your mind? Do you know how to get rid of them?

That is exactly what the LIFE business and the Mental Fitness Challenge(MFC) provide:  A daily “MINDsweep” to help us identify false teachings and avoid any potential explosions that can sink our LIFE ship.  The Admirals of this ship, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, are the most trustworthy and well-respected leadership minds in the world.  It’s not only their words and ideas but, more importantly, the fruit that has come from their life example that gives testimony to effect this can have in your LIFE and mine.  Go destroy those mines with your daily “MINDsweep” from the MFC and LIFE leadership materials.  Godspeed!

Matt Mielke

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20 Responses to LIFE: The “Mindsweeper” That Protects the Waters of Our Life

  1. Jen Ulrich says:

    I never knew that land mines existed in the oceans… but I should have guessed that at least part of “Finding Nemo” had some truth to it. 🙂

    VERY true, though, about the power of just one false notion being able to permeate your entire being. It’s SO important for us to constantly learn, and then check, foundational principles. Just tonight I was waiting in a loooooong checkout line at the grocery store. I was saddened by the fact that all the magazines displayed there had such garbage on their front covers. One can hardly avoid seeing them! I think I’m going to start keeping a book in my purse to read during times like that. I don’t need other people trying to program my elephant in ways that aren’t in line with my purpose!

  2. rjfisher1 says:

    Thanks Matt! Great article.

  3. brunerjr says:

    Awesome post Matt. Very true that we can have mines below our surface that could be holding us back. Need to remove the limiting/false beliefs that might be stopping us from moving forward in life.

  4. brunerjr says:

    Great post Matt. That is very true that we could have limiting/false beliefs floating below the surface holding us back in life. Time to remove them and move forward and identify the next 🙂

  5. Beth Almestica says:

    Wow Matt! This article really OPENS our minds to the fact that we DO have the power to choose what we feed both our conscious & subconscious. To INTENTIONALLY block “garbage” & instead pursue on learning “healthy” information. We have to make a stand in protecting our waters & most definitely our children’s. Project MINDsweeping!!! Thanks Matt 🙂

  6. Amen Matt! I can’t imagine my life without my daily LIFE mindsweeper! With all the garbage we are fed daily (without even knowing it) it is no surprise people are so numb when they first get introduced to LIFE. We truly have something that is mind-growing! Thanks for your leadership!

    • Matt Mielke says:

      Thanks Kristen. You have become a master at filtering out the junk, and replacing with pure, admirable, praiseworthy, true, noble, right, lovely and excellent! It’s no mystery why you are having success in leading communities of people.

  7. Eric Schilling says:

    Mindsweep or Mental Fitness Challenge? Great article… Thanks Matt! Sweet helicopter too.

  8. Kristina Meinel says:

    Hmm a mindsweep!! I really like that garbage in, garbage out model. If we can control what content goes in, we have more control of what comes out. Interesting!!

  9. Miriam says:

    Wow! This really puts into words what I’ve been feeling with the mfc! Thanks Matt!

  10. Josh Meinel says:

    Thanks Matt. What an awesome way to sum up what we’re doing with LIFE and the MFC.

  11. Great article Matt! The imagery really brings the concept to life. It’s amazing what new information can do to change someone’s life.

  12. Awesome Blog Matt! I am so excited to see where the LIFE information and TEAM take our country in the next 2-5 years and 10 and on….

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  14. Zenon Berg says:

    Well written. It’s a very good visual that the limiting beliefs can be a hidden as mines. Just as one must acknowledge the dangers hidden in a minefield as advised by a savvy third party, so to must limiting beliefs’ existence be acknowledged crit the dangers can be properly assessed.

    Great insight!

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