Brand New Turbo 25’s in the LIFE Business – Mike and Robin Schilling

“When you’re tempted to give up look up, suck it up and step it up!” – Pastor Stuart Briscoe

I want to congratulate Mike and Robin Schilling for their accomplishment of reaching the Turbo 25 level in the LIFE business powered by the TEAM training system.

One of the best words that I can think of to describe Mike and Robin is TENACIOUS!  They just don’t give up – period!  One of the biggest blessings Michelle and I have is celebrating other people’s victories.  There is something special about watching an individual, or couple, set a vision for a better tomorrow, work through the ups-and-downs of the struggle to get there, and then get their victory.  Mike and Robin are excellent examples of that dream-struggle-victory process.

I met Mike and Robin during my years as a pharmacist.  Their family was very industrious, owning and running a cash crop farm while raising 2500 nursery pigs and rotating them every 6 weeks.  In addition to that, Robin homeschooled their 5 children while Mike worked part-time as a pharmacist.  Needless to say, they were BUSY!!

Mike was an entrepreneur by nature and as a couple they always impressed me with their heart to help and serve people.  They were dreamers wanting to do more but had become trapped living the day-to-day operation of the farm and family.  Mike recently stated,

“…As pharmacists, we could help people in limited ways, but saw that so much more needed to be done. People were struggling with financial issues, relationship issues and many other problems that affected their health and well-being. With the Team system and the LIFE business, we can help people in all areas of their lives and really begin to make a difference. More importantly, with the AGO series, we have a way to help and serve people get information that can have eternal consequences.”

Mike and Robin’s life reflects their strong faith and when exposed to the LIFE business concept Robin commented:

“…We started to immediately recognize the truth in the principles that were being taught from the audios. As we began to meet others, we saw people who needed financial help, working parents who wanted to be stay-at-home parents, couples who were drifting apart in their marriages, others who just needed a kind word or a bit of encouragement and individuals who shunned the church and its teachings. The LIFE information became a vehicle to deliver timeless success principles and biblical truths in a systematic, non-threatening manner.”

It is no surprise that Mike and Robin are rising in the ranks of leadership.  Their vision for the future, their strong work ethic, and their never-give-up attitude have set them up for success. Today, Mike and Robin are the proud grandparents of 4 living grandchildren and 1 granddaughter who is living eternally with Christ in heaven.  As their children, Eric and Alex, have joined them in the LIFE journey, this family is making a big difference together (see article Eric and Miriam Schilling Brand New Turbo 50’s: Pig Farmer to Carpenter….Turned Entrepreneur with LIFE Leadership).

I love the LIFE business created from the minds of Orrin and Laurie Woodward.  Where else can a family join together for a common cause to have fun, make money, and make a difference?  Congratulations Mike and Robin!  You are an inspiration to us and your community and Godspeed on your journey toward your destiny of making a difference in the world.

Matt Mielke

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8 Responses to Brand New Turbo 25’s in the LIFE Business – Mike and Robin Schilling

  1. rascal4life says:

    Congratulations, Schillings! Jeff and I were impressed and encouraged when we saw how quickly you went from Turbo 10 to Turbo 25! You’re wonderful examples of how focus can make a huge difference! God’s blessings on your future–I know you won’t stop here!

    ~Jen Ulrich

  2. Kristina Meinel says:

    Congrats schillings!! I’m so glad we are in another life journey together. We love and respect your family so much!! Congrats on this stepping stone victory!!

  3. Congratulations Mike and Robin. While I only know you from a distance, it is inspiring to see your family bond so closely in all that you do. LIFE is a long term journey and what a blessing you get to share that with your family. Keep leading and making a difference! God Bless

  4. Josh Meinel says:

    Congrats Mike and Robin!

  5. Miriam says:

    It’s so awesome to be in business with family! Who better to support and guide you than your own parents!?!

  6. They are amazing leaders!!!! 🙂

  7. Alex & Beth says:

    So proud of you Mike & Robin! Matt hit it right on the head when he said you guys are tenacious! Your growth is evident even in casual conversation! So happy for you guys! You deserve everything you’ve worked hard for!

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