Happy 1st Birthday to the LIFE Business!

Orrin Woodward and the Policy Council just put on one of the most impressive LIFE leadership meetings in the history of community building!  I think the most astonishing part was seeing all the individuals and families cross the stage, by the hundreds, or maybe thousands, having life-changing victories.  $1.8 Million in bonuses and all expense paid trips given in the first year – unheard of!! Below is a copy of Life Founder, Orrin Woodward’s blog post on the event.  ______________________________________________________

It’s Monday morning after an amazing LIFE Business Major Convention. Thousands of people were recognized on stage for achieving new pins, numbers, and vacations.  From Thursday night through early Sunday afternoon, the LIFE community experienced it best information and inspiration weekend ever. The teams within the community have united together to break more power players than ever before.

With speakers the caliber of Chris and Terri Brady,Tim and Amy MarksClaude and Lana Hamilton,Bill and Jackie LewisGeorge and Jill Guzzardo,Dan and Lisa Hawkins, Mark McDonald, and Pastor Stephen Davey, I knew it was going to be a great weekend. However, what put it over the top was the enthusiasm and belief of the attendees. Never before have so many people advanced in the business and that belief spread to everyone attending the event.

There were many magic moments in Columbus. If you attended the event, please share you magic moments and key nuggets you are taking away from the major to grow. The LIFE Business is changing the world one person at a time!


Orrin Woodward


Godspeed on your journey to the life you’ve always wanted.  Matt

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4 Responses to Happy 1st Birthday to the LIFE Business!

  1. Clint Fix says:

    It was an awesome major! Thanks for the post!

  2. Thank you for post Matt! I know the Mielkes leading the Red Eagles will make their mark for years to come! You are making a difference!

  3. What a great celebration of a successful first year. I am looking forward to the second year with great excitement.

  4. Keith & Tracie Whitaker says:

    Thanks Matt,

    Happy birthday is right! Although instead of the founders getting gifts, they give them! 1.8 million of them! This is on top of what was paid out on the Compensation Plan! What a GREAT first year! We are so blessed to be part of something that is helping all of us get the life we’ve always wanted!

    Thanks again,
    Keith & Tracie Whitaker

    “LIFE is Life – Fight for it”

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