Obesity and the 8F’s of LIFE

Recently a friend of mine forwarded a news story that was aired on CBS national news.  Look at the image below and what do you notice about his office? Click on the image below to watch the 2 minute news clip of Congressman Billy Long.

cbs report with LIFE book


What a great message about battling adversity.  Watch it again and look at what books are displayed in his book cabinet.  Did you see the LIFE book prominently displayed!?! LIFE by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward

This post is not making any assumptions that Congressman Billy Long is involved with or endorses the LIFE community, or that the LIFE information has played any role in his current life victories.

However, this post is about life changes and how getting the right, principle-based information and associating with the right people can help us achieve and maintain life changes.  The LIFE self-directed education is designed to do just that.

Fitness is one of the 8F’s that the founders of LIFE have included in this self-directed education.  In regards to fitness, obesity has become a world health crisis.  In December 2012 the results of the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study 2010 were published in the British Medical Journal LANCET.  One of the findings showed that obesity has become a bigger world health crisis than hunger.  CNN Health recently reported:

The report [GBD] revealed that every country, with the exception of those in sub-Saharan Africa, faces alarming obesity rates — an increase of 82% globally in the past two decades. Middle Eastern countries are more obese than ever, seeing a 100% increase since 1990.

I believe most people understand the health concerns related to poor diet, lack of exercise, and eating too much.  Yet, with all the awareness, why is the world heading into an obesity epidemic?  Researchers from around the world are looking into the health crisis trying to find the causes and identify some solutions.

Not to oversimplify the problem, I believe the answer lies within the individual.  In America marketing companies have multi-million dollar campaigns to  program us on how and what to eat.  Food is cheap, conveniently accessible and, in some cases nutritious.   Also, we are programmed to live very busy lifestyles with Moms and Dads working outside the homes, always on the run, and not able to prepare meals for the family and oversee what our children are eating.

What if the LIFE self-directed education provided the right information to help individuals and families turn that scenario around?  What if the LIFE income opportunity provided the means for Moms and Dads to become job-optional and stay home, lead their families, and still have the money coming in to support a healthier lifestyle?  Would you join the cause?

I certainly did.  And so have tens-of-thousands of individuals across North America.  Men and women from every age group and ethnic background are uniting to spread the concept of “compensated communities” to the rest of the world.

Congressman Long’s story ties in so well with what Orrin Woodward and the LIFE business represent: real people setting goals, fighting real problems, struggling through the obstacles, overcoming and maintaining those life changes so they can achieve success over a lifetime.

2013 will be an amazing year for many people, in particular for members and friends that are a part of the LIFE community.  At the end of January,there will be LIFE leadership conventions across North America that I encourage you to plug into.  I am proud to represent a business that gives the average person a chance to become a winner and reach higher levels of success than ever before. Matt Mielke

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10 Responses to Obesity and the 8F’s of LIFE

  1. Kristina Meinel says:

    Awesome!! That little book makes such a big impact. I’m glad more people are enjoying it.

  2. Ginny Schultz says:

    Thank you for sharing! That is so cool to see! The LIFE book is proudly displayed!

  3. Jason Fredrick says:

    It’s incredible what can happen when we take control of our own thinking, instead of just turning that job over to the media or other “experts”.

  4. Alex Wacker says:

    I noticed something interesting. He had a copy of the LIFE book behind his desk.

  5. Great post Matt, I love seeing the transformation in people when they realize LIFE is the answer to arguably every obstacle one will eventually face. It’s more than just a book being displayed. It’s a representstion of thousands & soon to be millions of lives changed. Thanks for your courage & commitment to the leadership of the team!

  6. Kevin Knuteson says:

    What a GREAT post! Thanks for all of your efforts toward a Freedom Shift for future generations. I admire your familie’s conviction!
    I’m wondering if the obesity epidemic were to be tackled by legislation…would their answer be to make forks illegal?! I mean, they must be at blame since that is what we use to get food to our mouth…right?! All joking aside, self education…one household at a time and the quality of life will be dramatically increased. Thanks for all you guys do! As Dan Hawkins would say, “you are making a difference!”

  7. Jim Gerend says:

    I think more politicians should have the LIFE book and other LIFE materials in their office. It will happen!!!!

  8. Michelle Mielke says:

    Love this post Matt! I am intrigued that the LIFE book is displayed in Congressman Long’s office….and sad that I was once part of the problem of obesity, contributing my own poor thinking as a pediatrician. A friend who is overweight recently visited his medical doctor (who is, by the way, also overweight!) and the first thing the doctor asked him was whether he wanted a “pill” to help with weight loss. My wise friend, involved in the LIFE community, said, “No thanks!” I think he can reduce his weight without medicine as he corrects his own thinking! Way to go LIFE for affecting another life!

    • Miriam says:

      Wow! That’s powerful Michelle! Thanks for the article Matt! This areas soo key! I know when I am doing the right things for my body, that discipline spreads like a wildfire into all of my 8f’s!

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