A Little Pep-talk on Encouragement

A couple of years ago I was inspired by LIFE business co-founder Orrin Woodward to write an article on encouragement.  Its a topic you can’t get too much of.  Without it you can slip into hopelessness and despair and with it you can move mountains.

The root word for encourage comes from an old French word corage – which means heart.  To have courage can be thought of as “to have heart.”  The prefix ‘en’ in encourage means “to make or put in.”  To encourage someone can be literally translated as to give heart or to put heart in someone.

Read the post from my good friend Dan Hawkins, LIFE co-founder and fellow encourager.

Matt Mielke


As I watched this video I could not help but smile and think of the all the people in the LIFE business who have encouraged me over the years.  Greg was kind enough to send me this link and is a friend who has always had a smile and a kind word for me.

It will take courage to accomplish in todays world and become awesome! Encouragement is the best way to help others muster up the courage to go out and succeed in LIFE.

Enjoy this video and remember to be an encourager of others! Make 2013 your year to be awesome!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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9 Responses to A Little Pep-talk on Encouragement

  1. Robin S. says:

    You’re absolutely right, Matt. In a world that is full of basement people, we all should strive to be a “balcony” person and uplift and encourage those around us so they continually strive for their best. You and Michelle demonstrate this every time people are near you. Thanks for leading by example.

  2. joshbayless says:

    Hey Matt! Thanks for sharing this awesome video! It truly is inspiring and encouraging coming from a fired up kid. It is so awesome to see people putting out information that can help people move toward their dreams in life!

  3. Kristina Meinel says:

    Love the video!! “ya got air coming fhrough your nose!” just a neat reminder to be awesome everyday!!

  4. Keith & Tracie Whitaker says:

    Thanks Matt,
    What a little Rascial! Can’t wait to get him on my team! Lol I guess I’ll have to google Robert Frost?

    Thanks again,
    Keith & Tracie Whitaker
    “LIFE is Life – Fight for it”

  5. Josh Meinel says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the pep talk 🙂

  6. Lori says:

    Holy Smokes, this was hilarious and encouraging! Thanks Dan & Matt!

  7. Miriam says:

    I love this! So many times I get wrapped up in myself, and forget to HAVE FUN while playing as a team! Thanks for the reminder Matt and Dan!

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