LeaderShift interview wtih Orrin Woodward

What an important week in the history of America as Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille’s new book launched on April 16th.  Being a part of the LeaderShift book launch and knowing that the LIFE community is writing history is very special indeed.

Take a few minutes to listen to an interview with Orrin Woodward:



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5 Responses to LeaderShift interview wtih Orrin Woodward

  1. Kristina Meinel says:

    Nice quick summary of the book. im enjoying learning about the five laws of decline and the credentialists. The book is a fast read with a LOT of meat in . Something that needs to be carefully thought out after reading. it’s cool coming to the realization that we actually can have a say in the direction our country is going, and not just a say, we can change the tides!!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to post this interveiw Matt! Love it! This book is literally creating a powerful movement! It is literally THE best book I have ever read!
    God Bless

  3. John Graff says:

    ‘I just wanted to be part of something big!’ You said that Matt, on a directors call a while back and it just stuck with me. Well, here we go into something bigger than I could understand (and probably still don’t). But then again, we are being lead by someone who constantly tells us to get a bigger dream. Penny and I are so proud to know you and Michelle and can’t wait to hear what you have for us on May 11th.!!!

    • Matt Mielke says:

      Thanks John. I remember attending your retirement party, or more accurately your transition party, from engineering. I thought if I could only become a leader like you and Penny that would be BIG!! Now look at the journey our families have been on the last few years, this isn’t just big, this is GOD sized big. MIchelle and I are so proud of you and Penny and look forward to a life long celebration of dream-struggle-victory stories in both of our lives.

  4. Katherine Goodwin says:

    Thank you for posting this interview. What an exciting time we have arrived upon. Leadershift is the solution to the massive problems in this country. Reading about, learning, and studying the Five Laws of Decline is pivotal for identifying problems. Once we understand them, human behavior makes so much more sense. I’m thrilled to be able to be a part of the solution! Thank you Orrin and Oliver for sharing such great wisdom!

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