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Brand New Turbo 25’s in the LIFE Business – Mike and Robin Schilling

“When you’re tempted to give up look up, suck it up and step it up!” – Pastor Stuart Briscoe I want to congratulate Mike and Robin Schilling for their accomplishment of reaching the Turbo 25 level in the LIFE business … Continue reading

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LIFE: The “Mindsweeper” That Protects the Waters of Our Life

“Any ship can be a minesweeper…once.”  Admiral Hornblower A few years ago I learned an important lesson about my brain;  Garbage in- garbage out.  The thoughts, opinions and beliefs I have are the results of the information I have allowed into … Continue reading

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Flag Day June 14th!

A flag appears ‘mid thunderous cheers, The banner of the Western land. The emblem of the brave and true  ~John Philip Sousa I was caught by surprise, again, that June 14th is Flag Day.  How many days I have flown … Continue reading

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The “Intimacy Iceberg”: How Your LIFE Ship Is Headed Straight Toward It!

Our life is like an iceberg.  We see the 10% on the surface, but it’s the 90% below the surface – our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and habits – that can sink our hopes and dreams. The iceberg – what an … Continue reading

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A Memorial Day Tribute

There is no peace without justice, there is no justice without a fight. During last few years, under the direction and mentoring in our LIFE personal development business, I have a new appreciation for the sacrifice and hard work it … Continue reading

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Lead With Your Best – The MFC And Lessons In The Home

“Your actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear what you are saying” –Tim Marks Leaders Lead by Example Last week I read the article, Give It Your Best, by best-selling author and 2011 IAB Top Leadership Content Award Winner, Orrin Woodward.  It reminded me … Continue reading

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The Mental Fitness Challenge Movement – Become A Part of History!

Mental Fitness Challenge Going Viral! Americans are obsessed with bingeing weight loss programs.  An article in 2009 from CBS News Health Watch states, “About 45 million Americans diet each year. People in this country spend $1 billion to 2 billion per year … Continue reading

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Mental Fitness to Personal Fitness Challenges Addressed in the LIFE Business

I want to share some personal stories from some friends in our LIFE business that we feel will provide inspiration and motivation for us all.  Nate Kuhl and Penny Tahtinen are two of many examples of individuals that have started … Continue reading

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