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False Hope vs Hard Work – the “LIFE song” of our business

I just read a post on Dan Hawkins blog regarding the accomplishments of new Turbo 100 leaders in the TEAM leadership system, Gary and Erika Severson.  This last weekend I was able to hear them speak live in front of … Continue reading

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Orrin Woodward’s LIFE and leadership breaking records!

Orrin Woodward has completed the first month of the the-life-business.com and Dan Hawkins blog comment sums it up well. LIFE is the collected knowledge of over 100 years in the networking field producing one of the most exciting and successful … Continue reading

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The LIFE business – The Hunter and the Quail

Team Orrin Woodward and LIFE – The Hunter and the Quail   It is Thanksgiving morning and it’s one of those days I get on my knees and thank my creator for his grace, my family and Orrin Woodward and … Continue reading

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Life lessons from the-team.biz training system

Dan and Lisa Hawkins just posted 2 great articles recalling Orrin Woodward’s essay’s on the ten daily habits for LIFE and how leadership is about others.  Check both of them out as the information will be life changing for those … Continue reading

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How is Orrin Woodward helping people?

Just read some great posts on Dan and Lisa Hawkin’s blog sites that answer the question if Orrin and Laurie Woodward are truly helping people or taking advantage of them?  I love the quote Dan used from Henry Ford, “Those … Continue reading

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